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Gallery of work by Neil Estrick
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All of the pieces shown above are made with porcelain, wheel thrown and fired to cone 6 (2230F) in an electric kiln. I use Standard 365 porcelain (cone 6) for most of my work, but when I need a stoneware clay I use Standard 112 Speckled Brown (cone 6). Both are two of the finest throwing bodies I have ever used.

 I fire in an L&L E18T-3 and an L&L DaVinci T3427-D. I typically use the 'Slow Glaze' firing profile, with an added controlled cooling of 175F degrees per hour down to 1500F degrees. The slow cooling ensures I get consistent result from the two kilns, since they are two drastically different sizes.

I formulate all of my own glazes, and either dip or pour to apply them.

If you have any technical questions about my work, feel free to email me through the contact page.
Throwing tumblers
This video was done for a challenge on the Ceramic Arts Daily forums: throw a 12 inch cylinder with 3 pounds of clay, in only 3 pulls: