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Grayslake, IL 60030
Phone/Fax 847-223-1807

Hours: Tues to Fri 10:00am- 5:30pm
Saturday 11:00am- 5pm

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Kilns - Kiln Repair
Chicago Public Schools Vendor #69777
Kiln Repair Service Rates
Kiln Maintenance Checkup: $75
Hourly Service Charge: $75
One hour minimum. Discounts available for multiple kilns. Travel time (one way) will be charged for areas more than 30 minutes from Grayslake. 
Kiln Maintenance Checkup includes up to one hour of service:
- Check elements for wear
- Pin any loose elements
- Pin or mortar any loose or broken brick
- Vacuum out entire kiln and control panel
- Check controls/switches for proper operation
- Check all wiring for damage or wear
- Verify service voltage
- Check Kiln Sitter operation, check rod for wear
- Calibrate Kiln Sitter
- Level kiln
- Check and adjust hinge operation
- Check power cord for damage or wear
- Check power receptacle for damage or wear
- Tighten body bands
- Check/replace thermocouples
- Check computer for proper operation
- Replace rusted or stripped screws
- Consultation on recommended repairs and kiln issues
- Written estimate will be provided
Need training on how to use your kiln safely and effectively?
On site workshops are available.

Normal service rates apply,
1 hour minimum.

Call (847) 223-1807 to schedule a checkup or repair.