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The Easy-Fire series combines all of the best features available on L&L Kilns:

- Dyna-Glow hard ceramic element holders
- DynaTrol control with 4 Easy-Fire programs
- Zone control is standard
- Protected Thermocouples
- Spring-loaded hinges
- Piggy-backed cooled panels
- Sectional contruction for easy set-up
- Heavy-Duty Aluminized Stand
- 50 amp power cords
- No extra charge for 3 phase.
- c-UL-us listing
- Training video and step-by-step instructions

Easy-Fire models are available with either 2.5" or 3" thick brick, with the exception of the e28 models, which only come with 3" brick.
3" brick are recommended if you typically fire to cone 6 or above.

18" Wide Kilns

(17-1/2" Diameter by 18" high, 2.6 cubic feet)  
The e18S is a great home hobby kiln or the perfect studio test kiln for small loads.
$1885 Sale $1414

(16-1/2" Diameter by 18" high, 2.5 cubic feet)
Great for low volume cone 6 work.  
$1950 Sale $1463

(17-1/2" Diameter by 27" high, 3.9 cubic feet)
The e18T is an unusual size that suits artists doing tall work, but low production volume.
$2490 Sale $1868

(16-1/2" Diameter by 27" high, 3.7 cubic feet)
Perfect for cone 6.
$2575 Sale $1931

23" Wide Kilns

(23-3/8" Diameter by 18" high, 4.7 cubic feet)
The e23S at 4.7 cubic feet is large enough for a small elementary school program, small art department, or for personal use. Its 18" height makes it very easy to load.
$2510 Sale $1883

(22-3/8" Diameter by 18" high, 4.4 cubic feet)
The e23S-3 is a great personal kiln for high fire use. It is popular for low volume, high value work such as crystalline glaze pottery.
$2620 Sale $1965

(23-3/8" Diameter by 27" high, 7.0 cubic feet)
The e23T is 7 cubic feet - a good choice for most elementary or middle school art departments or most personal studios. It is the most popular
size by far.
$3030 Sale $2272

(22-3/8" Diameter by 27" high, 6.8 cubic feet)
The e23T-3 is 7 cubic feet - a good choice for
small high school programs or studio artists.
It has 3" brick and plenty of power to get to cone 6 time and again.
$3200 Sale $2400
28" Wide Kilns

(28" Diameter by 18" high, 6.8 cubic feet)  
The e28S-3 is designed for easy loading. It is only 18" high and yet is a full 6.8 cubic feet. It is a good choice for a small or medium size program where ease of loading is important.
$3075 Sale $2306

(28" Diameter by 27" high,10.2 cubic feet)
At 10.2 cubic feet, the e28T-3 is ideal for high schools, large volume elementary or middle schools or other large studios. It may also be the perfect bisque kiln for studio potters. The 3 phase version with its extra power easily reaches Cone 10. Although the 240 volt, single phase version will fire to cone 6 you may want to consider the JD2927-3 for high fire in a 10 cubic foot kiln if you have single phase service.
$3650 Sale $2738
Accessories & Service Options

Vent-Sure Kiln Vent- 25% off with kiln purchase

Shelf Kits - 25% off with kiln purchase

Installation service
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3 Year Labor Warranty
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Shipping charges will apply to all purchases.
All freight is FOB Swedesboro, NJ, 08085.
Lift gate service is available if you do not have a loading dock or forklift.

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