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Porcelain Lures
100% Hand Made in the Midwest
Porcelain? Really?!?
You bet! Porcelain is an incredibly versatile material, and perfect for fishing lures:

Lead free, so it won't harm our rivers and lakes

Casts a mile

Durable- the colors will never fade or wear off

Can be fished many ways-
  slow, fast, jerk and rest,
jigging, etc.

Great for bass, bluegill, crappie, perch, walleye & northern pike

All of my lures are 100% hand made in my studio, including the bucktails. All bucktails include 2 colors of hair plus 2 colors each of flashabou and krystal flash.
Porcelain lures are available in
many sizes/weights: 

1/8oz- $8
Perfect for ultra-light tackle. Bucktails have a #4 hook. 

1/4oz- $10
Good for light to medium weight tackle. My personal favorite
for bass. Bucktails have a #2 hook.

1/2oz- $12
Good for medium and medium-heavy tackle. Bucktails have
a #1 hook.

3/4oz- $14
Good for medium-heavy tackle. Bucktails have a #2/0 hook.

Chatterbug- $22
This lure is only available in one size, approximately 3/4oz. It comes with a silicone skirt and a bucktail on a 3/0 hook. It's perfect for large bass and northern pike. The chatter blade makes it vibrate as it moves through the water, attracting the big fish. Add a craw chunk onto the hook for even better movement!

If you're looking for options that aren't available here, please feel free to call or email me and I'll try to accommodate your request. Happy shopping!

Please call
to place an order
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