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Please note: I do not have possession of this kiln. I am simply posting it here for a friend. Please contact him directly if you have questions or wish to purchase the kiln:

Twice Baked Pottery
320 Main St
Racine, WI 53403
L&L Easy Fire E23S-3

This is a really nice little kiln! It's not my kiln, but I do all the repair work on it, and it is in in perfect working condition. I just put a new set of elements and thermocouples in it right before Christmas. It was built in October 2009, but only has 550 firings, split between bisque and cone 5. It has never been fired to cone 10. The floor has typical hairline cracks, but they do not go through. It is structurally sound. The lid is in perfect condition, as are the bricks and element holders. None of the wiring is showing signs of wear or overheating. The kiln has all the bells and whistles of all the Easy Fire models: spring loaded hinge, piggyback control box, full sheet metal top kiln stand, zone control, thermocouple protection tubes, element holders, Dynatrol controller, etc. You can read all about it HERE. These are known to be the longest lasting kilns on the market, and the easiest to repair. This one is almost as good as new.

These kilns list at $2620, and you can get them discounted at 25% off, so $1965. At $1000 you're getting a half price kiln that should last another 1,500 firings or more. I've got over 1,200 firings on one of my L&L kilns and I've never replaced a brick. I expect it to last to 2,000 firings no problem. Sale does not include any of the vent system. Shelves are included, but no posts. No delivery, kiln must be picked up at Twice Baked Pottery in Racine.